The Cyprus Museum of Nature is part of The Noble Peasant Statue and Park built by Arucad (Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design).

The Arkin Innovation Hub and Tobia Repossi have designed the Museum of Nature that will be positioned inside the Noble Peasant Park under the iconic statue designed by Lotta Blokker.

The Cyprus Museum of Nature is a place where people can come to learn about the incredible wonders and mysteries of nature.

Visitors can wander, either aimlessly or with purpose, as they discover something new and fascinating and see that Cyprus, while only a moderately sized island, has an incredible and wondrous array of natural features. And they are all around us – in the air, on land and in the sea.

The Cyprus Museum of Nature intends to inspire its visitors through exhibits, interactive displays and presentations.

It aims to inform, excite and entertain its visitors of all ages… because after all, it’s never too late to be amazed!

The Museum reminds us that our island – and indeed our entire world – is beautiful, yet fragile, resilient, yet threatened. The museum is divided into three main sections, – Land, Water and Air -in order to highlight the three main animal domains.