Tobia Repossi 托比亚 雷波西
Tobia Repossi 托比亚 雷波西Architect Designer
Tobia studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and Product Design at Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen. He is a registered architect with twenty years of experience in industrial and product design. He worked for major European and Asian market-leading companies as well as European and American brands and for startups from India, China and Silicon Valley. He designed products for interior and outdoor, as well as furniture, electronic appliances and accessories. His works have been selected for the Compasso d’Oro Prize, Design Index, Mediastars, Modern Decoration Award, A’Design Award and Red Dot Award and published in magazines and newspapers. He’s been teaching Product Design at Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Design, IED (European Institute of Design), ARUCAD (Arkin University for Creative Arts and Design in Cyprus) and Director of the Arkin Innovation Hub of ARUCAD. He currently teaches in ITS Academy in Brescia. He co-founded IDA (Italian Design Association) that reunites all the Italian professionals in China and promotes the culture of Italian design. He gave public speeches at many Universities, Design Conferences and TED events. He established successful design and communication companies like ZonaUno design Agency, Tobia Repossi & Partners in Shenzhen and Bologna, and Mobili in Cartone a cardboard furniture company that sells products all over Europe.
Nicolò Castagnini
Nicolò CastagniniProduct Designer
Nicolò studied Advanced Product Design at the University of Bologna and is now an Industrial Designer specialised in 3D CAD modelling, visualisation and animation. Passionate about technology, eagerly studying the latest tech products hitting the market. His focus lies in the seamless integration of design, appeal, and functionality with cutting-edge technology. His fascination with technology extends to exploring how it enhances the overall user experience without worsening the aesthetic appeal of products.



Giacomo Pala
Giacomo PalaProduct Designer
Giacomo studied Advanced Product Design at the University of Bologna and is now an Industrial Designer specialised in 3D CAD modelling, adept at both surface and sub-d modelling. His enthusiasm for industrial products, particularly those embedded with advanced technology, fuels his exploration into innovative materials and production methods. He teaches 3D modelling at ITS Academy in Brescia, , highlighting the importance of technique, technology, and common sense in design, while emphasising creativity in problem-solving. Passionate about 3D printing, he assists in developing prototypes that showcase the practical application of these cutting-edge technologies.
Robert Luyao 卢耀
Robert Luyao 卢耀Key Account Manager
Robert 卢耀 is in charge of the management and communication with all the clients in Asia.
He’s our product developer and key account manager based in Shenzhen, the cradle of electronic startups in Asia and he has been working with the studio for over fifteen years.




Stefano Ollino
Stefano OllinoProduct Design
Claudio Pironi
Claudio PironiInterior Design



Marcello Ziliani
Marcello ZilianiProduct Design