Tobia Repossi
Tobia RepossiArchitect Designer
Tobia studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and Product Design at Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen. He is a registered architect with twenty years of experience in industrial and product design. He worked for major European and Asian market-leading companies as well as European and American brands and for startups from India, China and Silicon Valley. He designed products for interior and outdoor, as well as furniture, electronic appliances and accessories. His works have been selected for the Compasso d’Oro Prize, Design Index, Mediastars, Modern Decoration Award, A’Design Award and Red Dot Award and published in magazines and newspapers. He’s been teaching Product Design at Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Design, IED (European Institute of Design), ARUCAD (Arkin University for Creative Arts and Design in Cyprus) and Director of the Arkin Innovation Hub of ARUCAD. He co-founded IDA (Italian Design Association) that reunites all the Italian professionals in China and promotes the culture of Italian design. He gave public speeches at many Universities, Design Conferences and TED events. He established successful design and communication companies like ZonaUno design Agency, Tobia Repossi & Partners in Shenzhen and Bologna, and Mobili in Cartone a cardboard furniture company that sells products all over Europe.
Nicolò Castagnini
Nicolò CastagniniProduct Designer
Nicolò studied Industrial and Product Design at the University of Bologna. He’s passionate about understanding how things work and photography. He takes care of advanced 3d modelling.
Poldo Poldini
Poldo PoldiniProduct Engineer
Responsible for acoustic, hair and food comfort. Often jumps from one chair to another.



Batu Gündal
Batu GündalArtist
Batu was born in the U.K., he graduated form Hacettepe University in Turkey form the faculty of fine arts. After spending some of his time working as a graphic designer. He teaches art at his own personal workshop and takes care of the analysis and research of product design projects.
Francesco Barbieri
Francesco BarbieriProduct Designer
Francesco studied Industrial and Product Design at the University of Ferrara. He is currently attending his curricular internship. He’s passionate about products and their stories. He takes care of advanced 3d modelling.
Robert Luyao 卢耀
Robert Luyao 卢耀Key Account Manager
Robert 卢耀 is in charge of the management and communication with all the clients in Asia. He’s based in Shenzhen, the cradle of electronic startups in Asia.