In Pineta di Cervia, Italy, the “Slow Park” has recently been inaugurated: a park dedicated to the natural rights of children with the installations of play equipment from the Science Park series designed by Tobia Repossi and produced by Modo with the landscape design of Aida Morelli.

The park, in Cervia-Child Friendly City, consists of six thematic areas with playful-relational installations inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of Childhood and Adolescence .

The park’s play installations are designed with the idea that urban quality for children in the urban context is made of concrete experiences: spaces and times for free circulation and play, and educational activities carried out in a healthy environment. The opportunity to express themselves is necessary for children for learning and participation, connected to a “natural” relationship with the environment.

These inclusive games create, in a free way, a dialogue with the pine forest of Pinarella and Tagliata and, at the same time they become triggering devices for natural rights through play, involving children in a magical, imaginative, empathetic and innovative way.

Being together with others in a public space allows us to create relationships and relationships are an element of well-being for both the individual and for society. We have found this to be particularly true during recent months. This park is intended to be a place for both citizens and visitors to the city to meet and engage in social exchange .

The “Slow Park” is a journey into a landscape that goes through a transformation, and where it is possible to tune into the rhythms of the landscape that surrounds us.

The “Park for the Natural Rights of Girls and Boys” was born from the initial need to restore part of the coastal pine forest of Pinarella that was seriously damaged by a storm in 2015. It also aims to be an inclusive park where everyone is welcome!

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