Our motto is “if I hear I forget, if I see I remember, if I do I understand”. This sentence by Confucius underlines the attention we pay in doing things and we believe that a good object/user interaction to be the basis of every successful product.

We design products which are diverse working on interfaces and usability, on service design and on implementation of functions. More interfaces and more functions, more interactivity and more usability means acquiring a wider audience,  more aware and more faithful.

Our project is for the individual, inclusive and holistic, and it tries to enhance human diversity rather than to eliminate it, in the “Design for All” logic.

Our “Hands On” experience is the stimulus for our ethics and research, we always try to change the functions, to innovate, otherwise we give up not to pollute with a product which does not meet the expectations.

It’s this “Start with Why” approach that makes the difference between a product or a design that can compete and project into the future and the usual useless copy of another Apple gadget.

We provide range of creative services because we create synaesthetic metaphors from field to field, combining analogic and digital knowledge to deliver complete products or services and this is our best strength.

During the years we’ve been the “Creative Garage” of Startups and of Small and Medium Enterprises and their single point of contact for consultancy, design, and service. This is confirmed by the many successful Startups we have helped to create, as well as the Spinoffs that we built from scratch.

Being up to date  is the basis of our business: we dedicate a large part of time to research and analysis because we have to give you the best trends and designs.

If you think you have got a good product, if you believe you can be a leader in the market, come and see us. We will show you some things we have “made” to let you understand if we are “made” for you.