The Noble Peasant Park is part of the project for a Statue in Cyprus designed by Lotta Blokker and built and constructed by Arucad (Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design).

The Arkin Innovation Hub and Tobia Repossi have designed the Park and the Cyprus Museum of Nature that will be positioned under the iconic statue.

The Noble Peasant Park covers a large area of over 23 hectares and has been conceived and designed in conjunction with the Noble Peasant Statue Project.

The park is situated on a prominent hill to the south of the coastal town of Kyrenia and is surrounded by the spectacular backdrop of the Five Finger Mountains.

While the immediate plaza area around the statue is envisaged as having slightly formal, tended gardens, much in the way of the urban parks of Europe, the much larger, wider hill area is intended to be designed to be a semi-“wilded” environment and laid out in biomes – i.e., a large community of vegetation and wildlife adapted to a specific climate – that will showcase different aspects of Cyprus’s natural habitats.

The current area is well stocked with young pine trees and maquis shrubs. Of the trees that will be introduced to the area, many will be saplings, sourced from the Forestry Department, that will allow the hillsides to grow and develop organically over time. The Noble Peasant park will also host the Cyprus Museum of Nature.