The NFT Showcase Exhibition has been curated by Batu Gündal and designed by Tobia Repossi and Robert Allison of the Arkin Innovation Hub in collaboration with ARUCAD and Art Rooms Gallery.

NFT Showcase Exhibition , where various digital artworks of Andaç Arslan, Batu Gündal, Hayati Evren, Murat Zengi, Sahar Rococo and Tobia Repossi will be on display, is the first physical NFT exhibition to take place in Cyprus. The exhibition, at the Art Rooms Gallery in Kyrenia, is an informative and educational introduction to technology that gives control to and empowers artists, as well as inspiring them.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a unique digital asset. NFTs, produced using blockchain technology, provide the opportunity for artists to deliver their works all over the world allowing the production of digital works to become widespread. NFTs bypass intermediary institutions, bringing the buyer and producer together more easily.