Designing in the Cloud, a lecture at the Registry of Engineers Province of Potenza.
Tobia Repossi will talk about how Industrial and Product design has recently dramatically changed in time and quality with the introduction of CAD in the cloud.
Tools like OnShape a PTC Technology CAD that works fully in the browser, doesn’t need updating and doesn’t need powerful machines, have completely changed the rules of the game.
In the world of consumer goods, where time to market is crucial, professionals and companies are spread in various parts of the world, and fast communication tools and sharing abilities are critical to achieving speed and quality of production.
Tobia Repossi will showcase three design works that have taken huge advantage of modern communication and CAD tools: a new camera designed for an American company, a VR Headset designed for a Dutch company and the concept of a hypercar.
All these projects have been designed, developed, visualised and simulated in the same cloud CAD ecosystem by the different companies involved in the production.

List of the Speakers:

Maurizio Tolve – President Registry or Engineers Province of Potenza

Paolo Renna – Unibas 

Francesco iantorno (Moderator), Registry or Engineers Province of Potenza  (5min)

Daniela Riccio  – Account Executive at Onshape “The benefits of cloud-native over file-based CAD”

Tobia Repossi – Product Designer, University Professor (40min) “Designing in the Cloud”

David Nguyen – Senior Technical Advisor at Onshape (30min) “Case Studies”

Rocco Muzzillo – University Professor (20min) “Design and research activities at Engineering School of Basilicata University”


For affiliates, the lecture will give CFP credits.

The Designing in the Cloud lecture will be held on July 20th at 15:00 CEST at the Registry of Engineers Province of Potenza and will be streamed for the affiliates and hosts.