The Product Design Lab 2022-2023 at Università di San Marino run by Marcello Ziliani and Tobia Repossi with Nunzia Ponsillo has ended this week with the exam taken by the 12 third-year attending students.

The theme of this year was diverse and challenging; students have worked on products and services for non-conventional families using the methodology and rules of Design Thinking.


Luca Andreini, Luca Forno and Francesco Scodavolpe worked on the topic of the Nomadic Family designing a series of crockery that can become a modular game named Tablego.

Anastacia Didukh, Eleonora Martinelli and Diego Sicuro designed a Communication and Video Device for mentally disabled users named See my Way.

Andrea Giovannini, Alessandro Tornati and Andrea Villani designed a Furniture System for singles and their pets named Combine.

Alessandro Pederzani, Giovanni Tracchia and Alessandro Serafini designed a Comforting Device named Zephy for the LAT (Living Apart Together) family.