Autonomous moving Robot Nala designed for Eceon GmbH with Nicolò Castagnini and Francesco Barbieri. The device is a full metal body mounted on a steel frame that guarantees reliability and a payload of 450 kg and 12 hours of autonomy.

With its Lidars and sensors, the robot can “see” obstacles and humans and move with ease in “dark factory environments”. The robot charges itself in its docking station and doesn’t require human intervention.

An AMR, or Autonomous Moving Robot, is a type of robot that can move independently without requiring direct human control.

These robots use sensors, mapping systems, and algorithms to navigate their environment, make decisions and execute tasks independently.

AMRs are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications, such as warehouse management, manufacturing, and logistics.

They are designed to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs, freeing human workers to focus on higher-level tasks.

The autonomous capabilities of AMRs allow them to operate around the clock, without breaks or the need for rest.

They can also be programmed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, further improving their efficiency and productivity.

Eceon GmbH develops and delivers high-quality AMR solutions for industrial automation while providing customization services to tailor them to individual use-case scenarios.

With its headquarters in Cologne, Germany and its Sales Office in Sunnyvale, California, Eceon combines the preciseness of German engineering with the high speed of Silicon Valley innovation to deliver its customers highly innovative and cutting-edge AMR solutions.