The Design Thinking course by Tobia Repossi and Giacomo Pala in Project Management at Its Machina Lonati Brescia ended in February 2024.

Tobia Repossi, Cristina Recenti and Marco Goi (who also acted as coordinator of Project Management) evaluated 29 students, divided into 9 different groups, attending the first year.

Students have chosen a company from some cards and redesigned the service provided taking care of the consumer journey, SWOT analysis, costs and investments. Some have created physical products, some a website, some advertisements.

The companies were chosen from the most crazy and innovative startup ideas and the work was to apply the Design Thinking Methodology to Service Design.

Somenzi Lorenzo, Ricci Federico and Guerra Christian have designed a company called Wild Games in form of a screenplay. The company is based on the movie “The Game” with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn where the main character is involved in very intricate and dangerous games.

Izzo Federico, Ciccarelli Bruno and Renga Lorenzo worked on a company called CrocCompanions that sells and rents crocodiles for domestic use, they designed the facilities, the museum and a veterinary clinic.

Pinna Eleonora, Clerici Nadia and Scalvini Francesco built the website of ExCuses, which provides an alibi for affairs and business purposes.

Palamidese Emma, Tregambe Emma and Stefanelli Lisa designed the catalogue and the advertisement of Case su Marte a company that sells the dream of a home on the Red Planet

Romani Alessia, Squitieri Giorgia and Anghinoni Elena worked on the website and company organisation of RiciclArti, arts realised from the trash.

Polinari Veronica, Coanca Andreea Cristina and Bossini Aurora designed a product for their company BioGloTech that sells glowing plants thanks to their modified DNA structure. They created a tank filled with algae to light highways during the night.

Dalla Chiara Luca, Tognoli Andrea and Gueye Ibrahima worked on a project about Flying cars, while Sissa Federico, Sadri Zakaria, Negri Marco and Todeschi Federico designed Mushrooms Masters: drones to help with mushroom identification.

Bergamaschi Elia, Parisi Sara, Pini Francesco and Satifi Omar designed Virtual Travel, a company that sells virtual Travel with VR Glasses.