The Design Thinking course run by Tobia Repossi and Giacomo Pala in Green Product Design at Its Machina Lonati Brescia ended on February 2024.

Tobia Repossi, Marcello Ziliani, Silvia Mastella (who also acted as coordinator of Product Design) and Cristina Recenti evaluated  27 students, divided into 10 different groups, attending the first year.

Students have chosen an object from a box of items that were thrown away, mostly plastic garbage. They have redesigned it, dissected, disassembled and designed a concept for a new improved and innovative object of the same kind. All according to the methodology and the rules of Design Thinking.

Sara Sgarbi and Gaia La Chimea have designed a series of dog Bowls based on an Ikea hack, Noemi Maiorca, Andrea Lonati, Georgieva Diyana Spasova and Andrea Milzani a haptic glove, Rachid Ouahbi, Marzia Iannantuoni and Lorenzo Cangia a board game with light based on Jenga.

Riccardo Trezza, Sara Carlotta and Alice Vavassori have designed an oto-protector, Andrea Bolpagni, Francesco Boschi and Erika Castegnini a self-moving cleat while Davi Surekha Bharti, Annarita Baroni and Alberto Martinelli a connected fan.

Luca Scala, Trong Reguitti Bravi and Zeno Reali have invented a portable LED torch with a carabiner attached, Lisa Ghirardelli, Martina Piccioli and Elia Morelli have redesigned a hanger with magnets while Pietro Marinetti, Anna Piccoli and Giulia Bellini have rethought the game dice.