The Nasometer is a medical device designed, developed and produced for Forwardontics.

Forwardontics, headquartered in California, USA, promotes proper oral posture, nurtures optimal health, and facilitates nasal breathing. Their innovative technology, inspired by the work in Jaws – The Story of a Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Sandra Kahn, allows to train and gather biometric data directly from users’ homes, enabling to monitor nasal function and overall health.

With more than 20 years of experience in the clinical field, Dr. Sandra Kahn was not satisfied with traditional orthodontics, so she began Forwardontics as a way to treat the entire face and not just the teeth.

The Nasometer has been fully developed by TR & Partners, with Firmware and PCB designed by Ludovico Stramigioli of Innuvatech and PCB production by Casteltech.

The device comes with a set of different pacifiers for optimum measurement. The pacifiers are based on the tested technology of the successful Up-Lock Vacuum Activator designed and produced by Forwardontics.

Recent research has highlighted the often-overlooked importance of proper nasal breathing for overall well-being.

Early humans, who relied on physical activity for survival, had wider nasal passages and naturally breathed through their noses, optimising oxygen filtration, humidification, and temperature regulation. But as humans developed, changes occurred in the basic bone structure of the face, leading to shrinkage of the jaws, contributing to narrower nasal passages in many people, which, in turn, has led to respiratory issues in modern populations.

But correct breathing – deep, whole breaths, through the nose – is known to have a host of health benefits, – physical, mental and emotional. 

Mouth breathing, on the other hand, is known to cause a range of conditions which include sleep apnea, shrunken jaw, memory loss, a tendency towards cognitive decline, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other ailments including sudden infant death syndrome.

It’s no wonder that doctors have long wanted to be able to check nasal functioning, to determine how well the nose is doing its job, especially in infants.

The Nasometer is a small and unique device is a potential game-changer in our quest to achieve optimal breathing.

Simply, quickly, cheaply and safely, the Nasometer can evaluate both nostrils as easily as an electronic thermometer takes body temperature. 
It can alert a parent that a baby’s life is in danger, or assist athletes with information to improve recovery. The information can be transferred immediately to a smartphone app which will track the user’s performance history. 

This device can change the way we understand our breathing and health.

The Nasometer can be used by the clinician or the individual, in the comfort of their own homes. 

It’s ideal for everyone – children, adults, athletes and even newborn babies- so we can foster good health from Day 1.

The Nasometer can be used with an optional set of three different pacifiers that help to ensure correct mouth posture for optimal measurement. This set of Up-lock pacifiers can be used to ensure proper breathing and measurement for babies and toddlers.

Through the dedicated smartphone app, the user can easily measure, record and follow breathing efficiency and the Nasometer App will help to train optimum breathing patterns.