The Design Thinking course run by Tobia Repossi in Green Product Design at Its Machina Lonati Brescia ended on February 2023.

Tobia Repossi, Marcello Ziliani and Silvia Mastella (who also acted as coordinator of Product Design) evaluated  30 students, divided into 10 different groups, attending the first year.

Students have chosen an object from a box of items that were thrown away, mostly plastic garbage. They have redesigned it, dissected, disassembled and designed a concept for a new improved and innovative object of the same kind. All according to the methodology and the rules of Design Thinking.

Andrea Ghirardi, Sofia del Bono and Elena Colombo have designed a Sex Toy, Elena Colombo, Michaela Ferrante and Marta Zanardini a heating cloth Hanger, Anna Mahamalage and Ida Adamo a collapsable Water Bottle.

Francesca Savaresi, Nicole Zancarli and Martina Romelli designed a Toothbrush for disabled users, Paola Bulgheroni, Paolo Capelli and David Marchesi a portable Speaker that can be a Drum Pad as well.

Valentina Spezia, Damiano Turra and Michele Sangiorgi have invented a pair of Scissors that can fit both right and left-handed users, Mattia Arpini, Nova Asia and Giordano Baronchelli a Mag-Safe Powerbank, Luca Facondo, Marco Aderenti and Elisa Bedulli a Spoon for people with Parkinson’s.

Rajat Singh, Sara Valvassori and Francesco Giorgi designed a Decorative Lamp while Irene Mangano, Simone Borlotti and Federico Vricella a Pulse light Shaver.