Marcello Ziliano and Tobia Repossi are running the Product Design Laboratory at the University of San Marino Faculty of Design.

The course aims to study and experiment with practical design tools to face the necessary awareness and responsibility of a discipline, such as that of product design, which can and must be central in relation to cultural, economic, and social scenarios. and ecological in continuous and profound transformation.
Lateral Thinking and Design Thinking are two creative thinking methodologies that complement each other. Lateral thinking teaches a series of techniques that facilitate the creative ideation process, allowing those who practice it to arrive at solutions that are anything but obvious.
Design thinking, on the other hand, is a methodology based on “Human-centred design” and which requires a large dose of collaboration not only between the members of one’s team and not only together with other designers but above all trying to incorporate the design process the most disparate professional figures from which to draw knowledge and experiences different from personal ones. These two processes are flanked by the deepening of behavioural design, a discipline that studies the most appropriate ways to design, not only an object but also a behaviour.