An interview on Vanity Fair in June 2022 about Design and Technology:

Smartphones, computers, tomorrow even the ROBOTS that will be next to us. Forms and secrets of these essential devices

Who among us today does not have a smartphone in his pocket? And is there anyone who still doesn’t use the computer? And how did you choose them? Only for technological performance? Or also for the shape, perhaps for the colour? Far from the black boxes of a few years ago, technological devices have become real objects of desire.

Behind them, there is always an accurate study of their shapes and Tobia Repossi, architect and designer, has designed several objects dedicated to electronics: “Projects of this type are very challenging”, he says. “There are great limits in the measurements of electronic parts, often regulatory obstacles and it is a continuous race to miniaturize and to compress the design and production aspects over time in order to be the first to be on the market”.

How much is it necessary to have team skills, when designing a Hi-tech object,?

“The specific skills on materials, production techniques and the use of advanced design software are certainly fundamental. In my opinion, however, the designers who want to approach this world must be constantly updated: in this field, seeing six months ahead is essential. We also need great attention to the after-life of the product because in general these objects have a limited life span and also organizational skills are needed: just think that today the products have a Time to Market of a few weeks and the professionals and companies of the chain are in all the world”.

You worked in the East: did you see a different attitude towards technology than we have in the West?

“Definitely yes. For cultural and language reasons, the word Design in the East is often linked only to the aesthetic aspect of the product. In the East, there is a great deal of attention to what the form represents or what it looks like, unfortunately with digressions towards superstition and cabal. But things change quickly over there. ”

What would you like to design?

“I look with great attention to the world of robotics: everything will become robots, from the car to the furniture, from the kitchen to the factory and we will need more and more integrated products, which do many more things”.

Above and above, power banks and USB sticks for Maikii. At the centre, the non-contact thermometer created for Visiomed and the SunLed electric kettle.