This Phone Clamp Claspp has been designed for Creative Gizmos, a company based in Cupertino California USA. It solves the problem of using the phone with just one hand giving full freedom to the thumb to reach every corner of the screen even in pro phones. The Phone clamp has been designed to be specifically used on the new iPhone 13® in combination with the Apple® Mag Safe® but it fits many other different smartphones models.

The phone clamp fits right and left-hand use and has two different positioning for small and bigger hands. It gives freedom to hold the phone tightly without using your thumb muscle of the hand for the grip. The iPhone® Clamp for Creative Gizmos is a revolution in the way people will hold and use their phones in multitasking activities.

If you search for products available in the market for phones, they fall into two main categories:

1) Phone cases – provide a protective cushion around the phone

2) Phone grips – that allow the user to use their fingertips and thumb to hold a feature on the back of the phone.

While having a protective cushion around your phone is a personal choice, using the tips of your fingers to hold on to a phone is bad because it tires out the hand. No wonder people using these devices constantly switch hands and need the support of the other hand to talk and text or multi-task.

We started the Claspp phone grip design by studying the anatomy of the human hand. The human hand is a fascinating and versatile tool, that sets us apart from most other living creatures in terms of its versatility – from very delicate touch to heavy force applications. The way the bones, joints, cartilage and muscles are integrated make it truly a marvellous machine.

We based the design of the Claspp phone grip on the ergonomic engineering principles used for hand tool design. The first principle is to distribute the force – in this case, the weight of the phone – across the hand instead of letting it become concentrated in one or two areas. The second principle is the size of the handle should be sufficient to allow the user to find an optimal grip position. The third principle is to avoid applying concentrated force over soft tissue, such as the palm of the hand. Most phone grips available in the market focus only on appearance not function. With Claspp phone grip we want to make function with great design our priority.

We also studied how people hold their phones. We questioned why people who use their phones for several hours for work or play end up suffering from tendentious – commonly known as ‘texter’s thumb, wrist problems and even back problems caused by bad posture commonly referred to as the ‘smartphone slump’ or ‘tech neck’.

The solution to these problems comes down to the implementation of the principles of ergonomics in product design.