Camera Vista is a design for Coolr Group USA.

The Camera Vista is intended for shelf or fridge mounting in supermarkets. It detects out-of-stock, planogram non-compliance, foreign product contamination and pricing inaccuracies that allow to keep track of how efficiently coolers and shelves are performing. It also provides data to see what changes need to be made in real-time and helps client profiling.  The two cameras contained in the device can be positioned during assembly in order to have different angles of vision to suit different distances and mountings. After that, the device requires no user intervention after installation apart from changing the two AA batteries. This Camera Vista is revolutionary in its market due to its adaptability to different environments. For the company, this means a reduction in moulding and in stock costs.

The project took 6 months from brief to distribution.  Coolr Group is a company based in Virginia. The design was developed in Italy, and the Pcb Design in India is produced and assembled in China and distributed worldwide.

The project has been entirely developed in Onshape, a cloud-based CAD modeller that we use for communication as well. A minimum amount of emails and messages outside the platform has been used in order to connect three different continents in this quick development.

The challenge for this mini camera has been to fit the Pcb and the 2 cameras in the smallest casing. The product turned out to be only 3 cm tall, so it can be mounted upside down also in chest freezers with sliding panels. When we started to design for Coolr Group they had different designs for different clients and mountings. This all-in-one product has an interior set of adjustable gears to rotate the camera angle. During assembly, the product can be adjusted to suit different positioning.

Design and Engineering in collaboration with Nicolò Castagnini.

In 2022 the Camera Vista for  Coolr Group has been awarded for Wholesale, Retail Trade, Commerce and E-Commerce Design at the A’Design Award.