Ali Azhari the well known Iranian cinema director shot this documentary following Tobia Repossi for a day in his studio.
We live in a connected world, with connected objects where also the design process is now connected. Design and communication tools today make possible to design objects anywhere in the planet with less consumption of resources less testing and a quicker time to market. Being able to see 6 months ahead in the electronic market is already incredible in a field where the life cycle is extremely short. Most of the clients and the supplier involved in the production of these designs never met each other because this is what modern design tools can do: all shared, all connected, all real time. All the projects that you see here have been conceived by Tobia Repossi in the last 5 years, some of them were sold in Apple Stores or in big chains, some others didn’t leave the prototype stage. But all of them bring little innovation either in their function or shape. Looking at the geography involved in these products, maybe you will discover that it’s not necessary to have big infrastructures to develop products and everyone can have a space in the chain regardless of geography or economy.