Modern design is showcased in Girne this month as the Art Rooms gallery hosts Connected Objects: ‘Industrial Design for our Times’ an exhibition of over 40 cutting edge projects or devices conceived over the last five years by Arkin Innovation Hub‘s Director Tobia Repossi.

The Italian professor of architecture and design said: “The objects reveal innovation in form or function and the dependence that modern design has on our new global interconnectivity, thanks to real time communication technology. Some of the objects were marketed but others remain. prototypes”.

He added that such connectivity was good for North Cypriot entrepreneurs as “it is now possible for anyone to find a space in the chain, regardless of geography or economic considerations. We can now design faster, anywhere in the world, using far fewer resources and with less need for a substantial product development infrastructure, lengthy testing or even for most clients or suppliers to meet face to face.”

In line with the Arkin policy of sustainability, the minimalist show is designed to “reduce waste in our throw-away society” and is build from recyclable display materials which will be reused at workshops.

The show launches with a 7 pm reception at the Art Rooms, opposite The Colony hotel, on Friday, October 11 and may be visited until Sunday, October 27.