Arkin Innovation Hub presents in the ARUCAD Space in Nicosia fro 7th to 28th of December, a huge exhibition of some of the tiny little things in life that have changed our world and our lives. And yet, over thirty of them can fit into a small brief case…Amazing!
Radio, television, the Internet, the car you drive and space rockets are some of the big things we often focus on when we think of revolutionary inventions…
…but take a look here and see that ‘small is beautiful’… and often fiendishly clever.
All of these little gems, like our exhibition, can be picked up and carried with you to the remotest corners of the globe.
No doubt, we take most of them for granted, but just try to imagine what you would do without them. Go on:- light a fire without a match; open a tin of fish – your only available food – without a can opener; stick a note on your bathroom mirror to remind you of something vitally important. In hundreds of ways – big and small – these amazing inventions have made our lives easier than they would otherwise be.