This Smart Bracelet has been developed for the Malaysian company Nxsense and it’s a wearable life saver device for heart attacks.
In case of a stroke it calls an emergency number and as well when the accelerometer detects a fall. Constant monitoring with no need of a connected smartphone, the data are crunched by artificial intelligence and sent to the app. Maia has been developed in Shenzhen by Supernova and it’s currently in pre-order on the website for 249 RM.

Maia technical sheet.


  • Accelerometer (Fall Detection)
  • PPG (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure)


  • Monitors Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
  • Detection of possible falls
  • Directly issue SMS alerts to custodians upon threshold breaching
  • Capture of moments of interests (non endangering, but should be flagged)


  • 12-15 Hours battery life
  • Magnetic Charging
  • High durability thermoplastics
  • Medical grade silicone rubber bands
  • IP67 certified