VR Glasses REVEL designed for the Dutch company Twisted Reality.

The market of VR Glasses is full of cheap plastic headsets that consumers need to throw in the garbage when they change their smartphones. These artfully crafted VR Glasses, codename REVEL, are designed to hold almost every phone in the market thanks to a nanotechnology pad insert, they have NFC for anti-copy purposes and to connect to the software and they are based on the new Google Daydream technology, but can also shift to Windows Holographic or any other ecosystem upgrading the front module.

Ergonomically designed from the bottom up to provide a comfortable experience with the patented head strap and face padding, the consumer is able to feel immersed for a longer time.

REVEL is covered with premium Italian Primo Fiore leather and come in three different colours: Black, Red and Natural Brown. It’s a product to explore new worlds, engage in tense action designed with both utility and fashion in mind.

This product is going to Kickstarter for crowdfunding in a few days and has been exhibited in the Shenzhen Design Week 2017.