Supernova Innovation and TR & Partners enter a strategic partnership by moving in the same office to create an Innovation-fostering Platform.

Supernova Innovation is a customer-centric provider of turnkey solutions in Hardware Manufacturing and Supply Chain management in Shenzhen. We recently joined forces together with Yoann Boudou, CEO of Supernova, and his team and moved in the same office to provide our clients with a wider range of solutions for their product development on the same efficient platform.

We all know that manufacturing Hardware in Shenzhen is as hard as it is unavoidable. A lot of time and money can be wasted on silly mistakes, while competition’s speed is at all time high and cash burn rate keeps you under pressure. Execution is the Key.

Supernova Innovation have designed solutions delivered in crystal-clear staged processes linking your project to trusted local expert resources to make sure your execution pace is fast, your design is ready for manufacturing and scaling up and at a price and quality distributors and consumers are willing to pay for. They team-up with you through sheer execution, transparent project management and experience-backed pitfall avoidance.

TR & Partners and Supernova Innovation add up to the perfect team to turn your ideas into tangible products, from Industrial Design to the Product Engineering, Mass Production and peace-of-mind handling of your Supply Chain overtime. Our client are finally able to go full speed on Sales & Marketing without being scared of their Supply Chain output.

Supernova‘s solutions are tailored for Start-ups and SME’s looking for scalable & reliable manufacturing without building up a local team on their own. They provide Transparent, Reliable and Lightning-Fast Execution to decrease Time-to-Market, reduce pre-revenue Cash Burning period and increase over-time Hardware Scalability.

How is working with Supernova:

Client’s success is Supernova‘s achievement. They do care about your business and they mean it ! They work with you on the same team through transparent project management and access to Supernova’s local network of resources.

Clear processes, critical on-site support, timely reports, top tier CM & component sourcing, non-stop communication, ambitious KPI’s and deliverables, Supernova is your eyes and ears in the factory so sit down and breathe, they’ve got your back in China.

Supernova is expert of manufacturing & supply chain in China. They are foreigners speaking chinese and understanding the chinese culture & business mindset. Partner with them and focus on what you do best: generate sales and promote your brand to your customers.