New series of Train Ticket Machines for Beijing MSHD Technology Co. traditional supplier for Chinese Train Station Machinery.

The company wanted to redesign all their products: a Desktop Ticket Printer, the Ticket Emitter and, most important, the Platform Entrance.

All the machines have been rethought as a series with common characteristics and details and they technically represent a revolution for the user experience. New features like LCD screens and LED strips have been introduced to guide the traveller through the whole process.

We worked a lot on the user experience with the communication and interface expert Umberto Brugni to avoid the “distraction” effect that happens in long waiting lines due to people actually presenting themselves in front of the entrance without a ticket in their hands or playing with phones.

The user can now insert the ticket in the machine in every direction, without thinking how to hold it saving precious time, the door is also in the shape of an arrow to strength the invite to proceed and the machines has a moving LED light stripe on the side then catches the attention of the last three or four users in line also emitting a directional sound towards the third in line.

The company will mount their machines in 30 new Train Stations all around Asia and in 2 years expects to hit the European market.