Tobia Repossi & Partners opens a brand new office in China on the 22nd floor of the Futian Chegong Miao Tech Temple Building, one of the larges hubs for Electronic and Design startups of Shenzhen, part of the New Media Industrial Park of the city.

The company, following its tradition, will focus on product and industrial design for electronic startups, home appliances, furniture and urban decoration, as well as interior design for hotels, offices and retail.

The design of the working space has been conceived with facilities like a coffe bar, flexible meeting rooms with movable walls, blackboards on every pillar and fully equipped with new Apple computers and 3d printers.

Facing the coast of Hong Kong on one side, the Futian Shenzhen Sport Center and Golf Club on the other side, the 26 floor building has a refreshing garden on the 5th floor for a walk on the green in the heart of the city.

This office will be followed by another studio in OCT Loft Ecological Plaza powered by a Sino Italian Design Distributor.