These Outdoor Games were designed for Il Ceppo, they look like animals, but they leave children free to invent what kind of being they are riding, climbing or holding.

Wooden castle-themed play structures are often designed for children to climb, explore, and play imaginative games. They may include features like towers, bridges, slides, and climbing walls. These structures encourage creative play and physical activity while allowing kids to feel like they’re in a fairy tale world.

Seesaws are classic playground equipment consisting of a long wooden board balanced on a central pivot point. Two children can sit on opposite ends and take turns pushing off the ground to make the board go up and down. Seesaws provide a fun way for kids to develop balance and coordination while playing with friends.

Spring animals are often found in the form of colourful, animal-shaped rides mounted on large coiled springs. Kids can sit on these animals and bounce up and down. They provide a playful and enjoyable experience for young children and help them develop motor skills and balance.

These outdoor play equipment pieces are not only fun for children but also promote physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play, making them popular additions to parks and playgrounds.