Corneliani in Montenapoleone 12 has been the more lasting shop in the fashion district of Milan. The building has been restored in 2013 after 12 years. For Corneliani, together with Claudio Monti, Marco di Nunzio, Claudio Pironi and Junia Sato, we designed almost 80 between corners, shop in shops, mono brand stores. the store was designed with rich materials in very minimal shapes, the frame design was revolutionary at that time hosting a lighting system in just 50 mm years before the introduction of Led technology. It’s versatility thought the seasons and the collections has made the success of the shops in the world. Today the Company has other consultants that use similar design atmosphere and the same exhibition system. In this store a marmorino wall and a giant pewter table are the two main actors of the space, in the selling area a lighting ceiling with a sandwich if glass and fabric hides the changing rooms’ volume with mirror. At the end the length of the space is revealed and the tailor’s room reveals the structure and the ancient pillars of the building.