Since we don’t like to be copied, we also don’t like to copy other designs or to copy softwares, even in China.

We love innovators and we think innovation should be rewarded, that’s why our computers are Apple Macs; and they don’t get nervous the day of the presentation.

Apple Logo

We use only original softwares and we like to be diverse:

We use just one software to model products, interiors and to draft and it’s Rhinoceros, it’s multi-platform and open. 

Onshape is our tool for complex products and mechanical design.

We have just one software for visualization for both products and interiors and it’s Keyshot, it’s fast, multi-platform and productive.

Keyshot Logo

We don’t use Adobe softwares because we prefer new apps like Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, they are quick, light and multi-platform.

Affinitry Photo Logo Affinity Designer Logo

We love to work and share so instead of Microsoft Office we use Pages, Keynote and Numbers, they are resident, mobile and browser based and we can work in the cloud.

Pages Logo Keynote Logo Numbers Logo

We are connected, our project management is based on Trello and our communication on WeChat and Slack.