This Medical Products were designed for the French health and medical giant Visiomed Group SA. The group of three devices are intended to facilitate the work of doctors even in the remote parts of China. The client strongly wanted the first product on the market not designed as a ‘gun’ but more as a beauty care product. It has been thought for the Chinese market which has specific needs and tradition in terms of design for medical devices.

The product is operated from a button on the top, it need to be used at 5 – 10 cm from the head and a recessed Led screen will report the precise body temperature in seconds. Grouped with the Oximeter and the Blood Pressure Monitor, the non-contact Thermometer represents one of the most critical instruments for doctors to understand the condition of the patient even before reaching the hospital. It transmits the data via Bluetooth to any Smartphone with App and then via Internet to the hospital through the Bewell Connect cloud,  it comes with a micro Usb charger and dock station.

The inspiration for this product comes from a large quantity of surveys and personal interviews with Chinese doctors and patients. Today the Asian market is ready to accept a product that looks more like a perfume or a cosmetic appliance rather than in the typical all-white medical plastic devices.

In 2017 the Non Contact Thermometer for Visiomed have been awarded of the Silver Medal for Scientific Instruments, Medical devices and Research Equipment Design at the A’Design Award.